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Tour Of The RaceBase Software Features

Front Screen

The program is divided into separate modules all accessed via the front screen. Race can now be loaded in straight from this screen. Select the Meeting and Race and Load Margins (rated using RaceBase Margins Method) or Load Value (rated using Value Method) or Unrated (load for analysis and display in TAB number order).

Screen Sample

Races Module

Race Results

The program now holds more than 40,000 race results, going back to 1992 in the North Island and back to August 1996 for the South. Included for each race is : Date, Track, Weather, Track Conditions, Penetrometer Readings, Distances, Margins, Class, Race Status, Race Time, Horses, Jockeys, Weights, Barriers, Favouritisms, Trainers, Sires, Dams, Ages, Sex, Margins from Winner, Estimated time for all horses based on margin from the winner, Stake Money, Dividends. These race results form the database of the program and are used to make the predictions and formulate all the various reports throughout the program. You can display any race result in the database individually (for example to find the winner of the Auckland Cup of 1995), although race results for a particular horse are best displayed in the Horses Module. NEW .. Input, display and print your own Race Commentaries. Input comments (optional) for every run of every horse similar to the comments you receive with some printed formguides..

Your Race Results database is updated when you do a Data Download from the subscribers page on this website.

Screen Sample

Race Fields

Here you can display the fields for upcoming meetings in a similar manner to how you view them in the daily newspapers. Horses you have put into your Black Book are highlighted. You receive all the latest fields when you do a data download. Weekend fields are typically available by 5.30 pm on a Wednesday evening. Scratchings and up-to-date jockey information available by 9.30 am on race mornings.

Screen Sample

Race Predictions

One of the most powerful aspects of RaceBase is its race analysis (prediction) feature. You either display the race on the main menu and load it in OR display the race in Races Module and click 'Predict Single Race'. The computer searches through the race results data and extracts the form of all the horses in the race. The computer compares Dates, Tracks, Conditions, Distances, Margins, Classes, Weights, Jockey Ratings, Time Ratings, and based on the finishing positions awards points to each horse in the field. You can define your own predictions by deciding how much emphasis you want the computer to place on the various factors. You may decide, for example, that you want to get RaceBase to place more emphasis on the horses form at the distance and the computer will make the prediction based on this equation. When displaying a race prediction, you can see each horses complete form history. Each race in the horses history can be displayed in detail and opposition horses are highlighted, allowing a thorough head-to-head analysis. Time ratings give an added dimension to the analysis. These are worked out by averaging the horses recent times over the distance and are adjusted to track speed. Also each of the runners in a prediction are given a percentage chance of winning, along with the price they should be paying (the market).

Screen Sample

On making a prediction, an added feature allows the user to adjust any of the prediction factors individually and re-predict. This makes it easier to undertake analysis by working out how the various factors influence the prediction scores.

Screen Sample

Horses Module

Horse Report

In an Individual Horse Report, you can display the statistics of any horse that has raced in New Zealand since 1992. For each horse you can display :
......a) The horses breeding and trainer, updated continuously.
......b) Overall Record. Starts, Wins and Places and the average finishing position as a percentage.
......c) Record in Firm, Easy, Soft and Heavy going.
......d) Record at the various distances.
......e) Record in the different race classes.
......f) Record on the tracks raced at.
......g) Record with all the jockeys that have ridden the horse.
......h) Record over the 12 different months of the year.
......i) Record on left and right handed tracks.
......j) Best winning times for the horse.
......k) Last 4 and Top 4 estimated times over 1200, 1400, 1600, 2000 and 3200 metres.
......l) Record with all the weights the horse has carried.
......m) The horses fresh up and 2nd up records.
......n) Stake Money earned.
......o) The horses ranking out of all the horses in the database (if ranked) in various categories.
......p) The horses last 60 races in detail including race comments.

Screen Sample

You can also display upcoming race fields and analyse manually all the horses in the race.

Attach a Horse Report to an e-mail

You can create a web page horse report. A full horse report can be converted into an html file (web page) and these can then be attached to e-mails and sent to other interested parties.

Screen Sample

Field Search

Here you can search race fields for horse names, making it easy to determine if a horse is racing soon and at what meeting.

Best Horses

You can get RaceBase to rank the best 1000 horses in the database based on different criteria. These are independent of the race predictions and are different because the performances are based on form evenly throughout a period. It will rank them over :
......a) Any season.
......b) Any track condition.
......c) Any distance.
......d) Any age.
......e) Selected race classes.
......f) Any sex.

Best Race Times

You can get RaceBase to display and/or print the best winning times over :
......a) Specified periods.
......b) Any distance.
......c) Any track.
......d) Any race class.

Black Book

You can create and maintain a Black Book of up to 400 trials performers, unlucky runners, improvers or other horses you wish to keep an eye on, along with associated comments for each horse. RaceBase will tell you when any of your black book horses are about to run and will display the comments within the detailed form.

Jockeys Module

Jockey Report

Display and print Individual Jockey Reports. For each jockey you can display :
......a) Overall record.
......b) Record over the last 12 months, last season, or this season.
......c) Record over staying races or sprints.
......d) Record with 2yo horses.
......e) Jumping record.
......f) Flat race and Highweight record.
......g) Strike rate overall and this season.
......h) Ranking out of all the jockeys based on 4 different methods.
......i) Stake money earned this season.
......j) Position in the premiership.
......k) The return per dollar invested if you put $1 to win on each of the jockeys rides.
......l) Detailed display of every race that the jockey has ridden in over the last 2 years.

Screen Sample

Jockey Ratings

There are 5 methods of ranking jockeys. These can be displayed for specified seasons and periods based on :
......a) Number of wins.
......b) Strike Rate.
......c) Average percentage finishing position.
......d) Favouritism adjusted (jockey ratings).
......e) UDR System.

There is also a quick key to display the jockey premiership.

Trainers Module

Trainer Report

Display and print Individual Trainer Reports. For each trainer you can display :
......a) Overall Record.
......b) Record over the last 12 months, last season, this season.
......c) Record on the trainers home track.
......d) A field search for horses trained by the trainer.
......e) A list of all the horses trained by the trainer and their records.

When displaying the list of horses, the user can select a horse and then display its detailed horse report. This can assist a trainer to manage his entire stable because the complete race history of any horse in the stable can be displayed at an instant.

Screen Sample

Sires Module

Sire Report

Display and print Individual Sire Reports. For each sire you can display (based on the records of each of its progeny) :
......a) Overall record of the sires progeny.
......b) Record over the last 12 months, last season, this season.
......c) Record in Firm, Easy, Soft and Heavy conditions.
......d) Record over jumps.
......e) Record at various distances.
......f) Best times over the various distances.
......g) Average winning times and overall times.
......h) Record in various stake money races.
......i) Record for male and female progeny.
......j) Record in NZ Group and Listed races.
......k) A list of all the horses sired by the sire and their records.

When displaying the list of the progeny, the user can select a horse and then display its detailed horse report. This can assist breeders and punters to completely analyse the performance of the progeny as the complete NZ form history of the progeny can be displayed at an instant. The information provided also indicates what type of racehorse the sire produces (eg a stayer, mudlark etc).

Screen Sample

Sire Ratings

RaceBase can also be used to rate sires on different criteria. RaceBase awards points to each sire based on the performances of their progeny. It can rate the best sires in the database over:
......a) Any season.
......b) Any track condition.
......c) Any distance.
......d) Any age.
......e) Selected race classes.
......f) Any sex.

Attach a Sire Report to an e-mail

You can create a web page sire report. A full sire report can be converted into an html file (web page) and these can then be attached to e-mails and sent to other interested parties. You can also create Dam report web pages in a similar manner.

Screen Sample

Dams Module

Display and print Individual Dam Reports and Dam Ratings in a similar manner and similar screens to sires.

Prediction Archive Module

This is where you can undertake analysis of past races. You can make up your own formulas, or use the default RaceBase settings, and calculate what would have happened to predictions if these formulas were applied to earlier fields.

Barrier Statistics Module

Calculate the barrier draw statistics for any track, at any distance, in any track condition.

Tracks Module

Display diagrams of track layouts showing starting positions over the various distances for any track.

User Charts Module

When Racebase makes a race prediction, it searches through the results database and finds all the races each horse has previously run. It looks at up to 19 different factors (eg record in the track conditions) and awards points to each horse. In the User Charts module, you can decide how much emphasis Racebase should give to each of these factors when awarding the points. In effect, you can feed in your own formulas and because there are literally millions of possible combinations, you may be able to come up with even better predictions than the normal RaceBase setting. Or you can have different formulas for different track conditions or different distances.


Downloading is available 24 hours a day through the internet. This is how you update your racing database. After downloading, your RaceBase database will be updated with all the latest fields and results. You receive downloading instructions when you subscribe.